DumpTruckLoads.com is an online service allowing users to find trucks or loads in a single source. Both contractors and dump truck owners can become members, connecting the two sides online.

Contractors can post loads on DumpTruckLoads.com and broadcast them to preselected dump truck owners. Dump truck owners using the website can receive real-time notifications of the loads through email and text to efficiently secure work for their truck.

Dump truck owners are also able to search for loads outside of their local area allowing them to more easily find backhauls for trucks and potentially increasing revenue.  The service is free to join and use and is designed for access through a desktop computer or mobile device.

DumpTruckLoads.com was created by Steven Kolbe, a 50-year veteran of the construction industry. He used his experience in the industry to address inefficiencies in both finding work and finding workers and came up with the online load board as a solution.

“If only there had been a way to bring these two problems together into one simple solution,” said Kolbe. “Now there is.”