Quantum Fuel Systems Technologies Worldwide Inc. announced that it has launched a new line of Q-Lite CNG storage tanks which can be collar mounted for both back-of-cab systems and side rail-mounted systems. 

These storage solutions complement Quantum's existing family of strap mounted tank systems. Quantum has received an initial order for the new collar mounted tanks and anticipates initial shipments to begin near the end of this month for a high volume CNG integrator.  

The first application of Quantum's new collar mount product line is associated with a 21-inch diameter by 80-inch long tank (86-inch overall length with collar neck) which stores 28.4 DGE. Other sizes will soon be available with collar mount versions, including Quantum's industry leading 25-inch diameter tanks in a variety of lengths.

The tanks are a varient of Quantum's standard strap mount design, except the end bosses have been extended to allow for collar mounting.