XRS Corp. announced a new integration with TMW Systems TMWSuite at TMW’s Transforum user conference in Anaheim Sept. 23.

The integration is designed to offer additional convenience and efficiency to planners and dispatchers by displaying critical information provided by XRS, such as vehicle locations and drivers’ hours-of-service status.

“It was the next step,” said Christian Schenk, senior vice president product strategy, XRS. In developing their mobile platform, Schenk said that “integration with TMS systems was a key factor. We had to build our product with that in mind.”

The XRS system runs on certified smartphones, tales and rugged handhelds and transmits vehicle and operator data through the cloud to a fleet management dashboard. The data allows companies to comply with a pending electronic recording device mandate for recording driver hours of service.

“Our industry is just beginning to realize the immense potential of mobile trucking intelligence to improve the bottom line for fleets and drivers alike,” Schenk said.