A comprehensive new digital catalog featuring an illustrated “Trouble Shooter Guide” to common brake wear issues for commercial vehicles is now available through Federal-Mogul’s electronic catalog. It also includes the expanded Abex line of original equipment-quality replacement air disc brake pads.

To access the new catalog, simply visit www.FMe-cat.com and click on the “Technical Information” and “Digital Catalogs” links, then select the “Commercial, Industrial & Ag” tab.

The Abex Air Disc Brake Catalog (No. AB803) covers the brand’s broad line of replacement brake pads and hardware kits for most OE air disc brake systems utilized in city bus, over-the-road coach and tractor-trailer applications.

Each brake pad listing includes a detailed component photo and illustration to help parts professionals and technicians select the correct Abex product.
The user-friendly digital catalog includes “flippable” pages that match the convenience of paper catalogs. Users can also print any page or the entire catalog. A helpful “Notes” feature can be used to attach reference notes to each page.
Abex air disc brake pads feature patented cast iron back plates and an integrally molded V-groove design that greatly enhances heat dispersion and prevents excessive material stress for superior stopping power and reliability and lower cost per mile.
Federal-Mogul offers a complete range of best-in-class Abex brake solutions for the aftermarket. In addition to air disc brake pads, these products include Abex drum brake block, RSD drum brakes and complete Stop Box Kits.