Accuride's new Gunute Silver Lightweight Brake Drum offers an affordable alternative to lightweight “steel shell” drums with improved performance, according to the company. 

In the aftermarket, Accuride says, the new drum can replace a full-cast drum, saving up to 100 pounds per tractor-trailer combination while maintaining performance.

Part of the Accuride Wheel End Solutions line, the new Silver Lightweight Brake Drum (designated 4000X) is cast and machined at Gunite’s Rockford, Ill., facility.

With the launch of its Silver Lightweight Brake Drum, Gunite has addressed the market niche between its 9006X Gold lightweight premium drum and the 3600AX full-cast standard drum.

It uses engineered design enhancements and advanced metallurgy to affordably achieve a 12.5-pound weight savings over standard full-cast drums. To do this without compromising performance, Gunite’s engineers have used a high-strength gray iron featuring improved mechanical and structural material characteristics. 

Key features include:

  • Uniform Heat Dissipation – Consistent section thickness ensures uniform heat transfer performance.
  • Strong and Efficient at Reduced Weight – State-of-the-art casting and structural simulation analysis tools combined with high-strength gray iron create an optimum mounting flange and wrap-around design that contributes to overall weight reduction without compromising design integrity.
  • Consistent Quality – Advanced state-of-the-art machining process ensures consistent quality and reliability.
  • Performance Tested – Exceeds all Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 121 (FMVSS) dynamometer test requirements along with Gunite’s additional rigorous internal durability test standards.
  • Advanced Production Processes – Foundry metallurgy continually monitored and controlled to achieve maximum consistency, while state-of-the-art machining utilizes in-process quality checks of key characteristics to achieve world-class quality standards drum after drum.