File photo: C.R. England

File photo: C.R. England

C.R. England is offering bonuses to all company and independent contractor driver trainers for apprentices who are successfully trained and upgraded. A pay increase was also announced for a large percentage of drivers in C.R. England’s regional fleets.

Driver trainers will receive a 1 cent per mile bonus for every mile driven by one of their apprentice drivers. For apprentices who move into lower mileage fleets such as local or intermodal or apprentices who are paid with a salary or mileage band application, the trainer will receive a flat rate. The flat rate is only applicable if the apprentice is active 14 out of 30 days each month.

This is on top of a November 2014 change that doubled the value of phase one upgrade bonuses for all trainers, giving trainers $200 when an apprentice successfully upgrades on the first try.

“Our driver trainers are critical to the success of C.R. England’s new drivers,” said Brandon Harrison, CEO of C.R. England. “This bonus will provide trainers an opportunity to earn extra income through the successful training of their apprentices.”

C.R. England also announced a 14.1% average per mile pay increase for Western Regional Company solo drivers dependent on a driver’s tenure. Western Regional represents a large percentage of C.R. England’s regional fleets in the U.S.

“This pay raise will vary depending on driver tenure but on average the per driver pay increase equates to 4 cents more per mile,” said Harrison.