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Going Beyond Toll by Plate

Going Beyond Toll by Plate

Going Beyond Toll by Plate

Why sign up for automatic electronic tolling, instead of being charged every time your fleet’s license plates are scanned? Learn how opting for AET rings up savings, toll after toll, for fleets while generating actionable data to help managers boost back-office efficiency.

Download the Whitepaper, Going Beyond Toll by Plate, to learn

  • The key differences between automatic electronic tolling (AET) and partially automated tolling, which is usually referred to as “toll by plate” or “toll by mail.”
  • Why fleets, especially those that are heavy users of tolled roads and bridges nationwide, often determine that AET is more efficient than toll by plate.
  • How AET lessens the impact of higher toll rates, administrative fees, and the delayed billing associated with toll by plate and violations transactions.

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