Hot Shot’s Secret has designed the Diesel Extreme fuel additive to clean out fuel tanks, lines, and injectors, remove moisture, boost cetane, lubricate the fuel pump and injectors, neutralize acid, and return fuel economy and power back to the vehicle’s original performance.

Diesel Extreme contains more cetane booster than comparable products, according to the company, as well as a lubricity additive and fuel stabilizer to provide improved performance while cleaning the fuel system.

Diesel Extreme is also a concentrated cleaner that removes all types of internal diesel injector deposits (IDIDs), including waxy and polymeric deposits. The removal of IDIDs restores the injector’s fuel spray pattern to help optimize the combustion process, resulting in a complete fuel burn and increased efficiency.

Diesel Extreme is designed to provide six months of protection and benefits. To maintain system cleanliness and performance between Diesel Extreme treatments, Hot Shot’s Secrets offers a Diesel Treatment (EDT) additive to use with each fill to the fuel tank. EDT is a highly-concentrated cetane improver designed for power and performance in all diesel equipment, increased fuel economy and lower maintenance costs.