E-Zoil has introduced an all-around diesel fuel system cleaner called Carbon Crusher, an additive designed to clean the entire fuel system.

Carbon Crusher contains detergents to help remove carbon deposits throughout the fuel system, including traditional coke deposits and internal diesel injector deposits which are found in high-pressure common rail fuel systems.

Carbon Crusher includes a heavy-duty lubricant designed to increase lubricity and reduce fuel system component failure. The product also increases cetane to help fuel ignite faster and make the engine run better, according to E-Zoil.

It is available in eight- and 16-ounce bottles, a one-gallon bottle, and a five-gallon pail. The eight-ounce bottle can treat 100 gallons of diesel fuel, according to E-Zoil. Carbon Crusher is designed to work best when added before filling a tank of fuel.

E-Zoil’s additives are designed for today’s ultra-low sulfur diesel and biodiesel blends. The company says all of its products meet emissions standards and will not plug DPFs.