NASHVILLE -- Fleets using Meritor trailer axles now get extended warranty coverage of up to seven years with its optional AxlePak7 on-highway trailer wheel-ends. Meritor made the announcement yesterday at the Technology & Maintenance Council 2016 Annual Meeting & Transportation Technology Exhibition in Nashville.

Beginning this spring, fleets can specify AxlePak7 wheel-ends on their Meritor axles and suspensions, and enjoy seven-year Meritor warranty coverage on these components hubs, bearings, seals, hubcaps and spindle nuts as well as thru-tees and stators for Meritor Tire Inflation System by P.S.I. when the MTIS option is selected in conjunction with AxlePak7.

“Fleets are looking for ways to reduce maintenance costs and extend service life, and trailer wheel-ends are critical to their need for longer-life components,” said Brett Penzkofer, vice president and general manager, Trailer for Meritor. “We listened to our customers and are offering AxlePak7 to help them get even more value from their Meritor wheel-ends.”

AxlePak7 features premium wheel-end components assembled by Meritor’s automated precision-assembly equipment. The wheel-end offers fleets a choice of ductile iron or optional aluminum hubs, along with premium long-life wheel seals, spindle nuts and synthetic, semi-fluid grease.