Meritor Wabco’s SmartTrac automatic trailer lift axle control system is designed to monitor suspension load and manage lift axles for trailers. It is the latest addition to the SmartTrac line of stability control systems.

The system automatically raises or lowers an axle based on cargo weight. It is fully automated and can control multiple trailer lift axles. It integrates with Meritor Wabco’s trailer roll stability support and anti-lock braking systems. It was designed to reduce fuel costs, tire wear, and increase wheel-end brake life.

The automatic trailer lift axle control system is compatible with any air ride-equipped lift axle suspension on a trailer and can be configured in multiple ways. Axles can be lowered automatically when a trailer is parked and a manual switch can be added to give drivers the ability to lower an axle. The system is compliant with the Department of Transportation’s legal load limits.

The SmartTrac portfolio of products includes ABS, automatic traction control, RSS and electronic stability control. SmartTrac systems are designed to assist drivers in reducing vehicle accidents and lower operating costs.