ComFreight is a mobile web app that helps match freight with empty truck space. Carriers and independent truckers can use the app to connect with large commercial shippers and freight brokers to fill free capacity.

The service was re-launched as a web app that requires no software installation or load board contracts and features a simplified interface. The service works across all smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers over Wi-Fi or cell connection.

Freight matching is done by allowing carriers and logistics companies that use ComFreight to set up customizable alerts for finding freight within a range of specific lanes, weights and lengths of loads within a specific time period designated by the user. When a match appears, alerts are sent out matching available capacity with the loads.

ComFreight does not take a percentage of any freight match made in its system.

The company is planning to release more tools for its users in 2015, including a better freight rate index tool for companies to determine market rates.

“Connecting the smaller carriers, owner-operators and logistics companies with larger commercial shippers and screened fright broker freight that matches their specific needs is our main goal with the freight-matching capabilities of our app,” said Steve Kochan, CEO and co-founder of ComFreight.