The Pro-Vend 2000 propane autogas fuel dispenser features a secure, web-based fuel management system for creating customizable fuel reports. Made by Superior Energy Systems, the dispenser is designed to make tracking fuel usage and costs easier for fleets.

The Pro-Vend 2000 uses a touchscreen to interact with the dispenser’s driver and mileage tracking systems. It can also display a built-in training video showing drivers how to use the dispenser and its features.

“One of the things we’re most excited about is how fully integrated the Pro-Vend 2000 is,” said Mike Walters, vice president of safety and training at Superior Energy. “Everything you need to refuel, track, manage usage and train drivers is contained within this box.”

It is a turnkey unit and comes with a zero-emission fuel nozzle which complies with all National Fire Protection Association standards. The Pro-Vend 2000's card-reading unit can be used for public or private stations.The unit is simple to install and can be added to any existing fuel station easily, according to Superior Energy.

“No additional wiring or infrastructure is needed to install one of these dispensers,” said Walters. “If you have internet access, you can connect this state-of-the-art system.”