The Skygo dual fuel conversion system for Cummins ISX engines has been approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection agency.

The system is an aftermarket upgrade for 2007-2009 Cummins ISX engines and reduces emissions by up to 20% by using a natural gas substitution up to 60%, according to the EPA. The Skygo system substitutes natural gas for diesel with no loss of power or torque while in use, according to the company.

“You can’t tell it's running on natural gas,” said Michael Kilbourne, president of Skygo. “The vehicle drives exactly the same as it did before the truck was converted.”

Skygo is also nearing completion of an application for the Detroit Diesel Series 60 engine.

Skygo Fuel Systems is an engineering and development company of dual fuel technology for heavy diesel engines. The dual fuel systems are supplied globally by AMBAC International.