McLeod Software introduced a number of new products during its annual user conference, held Sept. 14-16 in Washington, D.C. including modules designed to automate pricing, bid management and billing.

The pricing and bid management module, part of McLeod’s LoadMaster and PowerBroker systems, features import and export capabilities that allow a user to bring bids or RFPs into their management systems where current rates and pricing history are available from both internal and external sources to reduce the time needed to respond to bids.

McLeod said its new dedicated billing module automates many tasks that most dedicated contract carriers face. The new module is customizable to accommodate the various billing formats required for dedicated contracts.

FlowLogix, a new workflow tool, allows customers to build their own automated workflows. The tool can be integrated with systems external to McLeod’s system. A form module allows customers to create their own customized forms which can be transmitted electronically to customers, carriers or other partners.

A customer relationship management module performs all the typical tasks of such programs, the company said, while working within the McLeod system of menus, using the same master data.

McLeod also introduces PowerBroker LTL, a module that allows logistics companies to give their customers LTL ratings, quotes and ordering through the same system they use for truckload brokerage.

A new dock scheduling module, part of McLeod’s Freight Management system, is designed to make scheduling of dock time easier.

Available in the first quarter of 2015, McLeod’s brand apps product for PowerBroker and LoadMaster customers allows them to put their own private-branded apps in app stores for mobile devices such as Apple’s iOS or Google’s Android OS. This allows drivers and other company personnel the ability to download the apps right to their mobile device.