Mitsubishi Fuso has made an idle limit system optional for its Canter line of work trucks.

The ILS option was designed to be applied to 2012–15 model year trucks and can be activated at a port of entry or by any authorized Mitsubishi Fuso dealer. The ILS can be programed to shut down the engine after three, five or 10 minutes of idling. It will also shut down if the engine has reached a normal operating temperature and the vehicle is in Park or Neutral.

“More and more jurisdictions are enacting idle-limit legislation, and we realize this puts a burden on the operators or our medium-duty trucks,” said Todd Bloom, Mitsubishi Fuso’s president and CEO. “Our new ILS option will provide Fuso owners who operate in those jurisdictions with a simple solution.”

Bloom also said that fleets may be interested in ILS to help reduce fuel consumption and contain fuel costs.

The ILS uses existing switches and sensors and requires no additional hardware to activate. The system will cancel engine shutdown if the truck is operating in any advanced-idle mode if it is required to by a transmission PTO, engine clutch pump or chassis engine driven refrigeration compressor.