Webtech Wireless, a provider of vehicle fleet location-based services and telematics technology, has announced enhancements to its reporting capabilities with new Advanced Reports and Dashboards.

The Advanced Reports and Dashboards provide intelligent data that enables fleet managers to focus on key performance indicators and identify critical issues that impact their fleet operations.

The interactive Advanced Reports offer sorting, filtering, and maneuvering capabilities that let users easily compare and analyze key performance indicators in a single interface. The extracted data is presented in an organized manner and is viewable from the web or can be exported into a PDF, Microsoft Excel and other digital forms.

In addition to Advanced Reports, Quadrant subscribers can also use Dashboards to meet their fleet management goals. Dashboards are a set of graphical data analysis tools that provide a high-level view of KPIs that are specific to a business objective. Users can customize their Dashboards by selecting specific drivers, vehicle groups, or setting a custom of tolerance benchmarks and KPI targets. Fleet managers and dispatchers can easily identify vehicle and driver trends and highlight any issues that may pose challenges to their fleet operations.

"Our new Advanced Reports and Dashboards provide a snapshot of essential fleet information in a rich and engaging format," said Fara Saeedi, vice president of software engineering, Webtech Wireless. "These new reporting capabilities equip fleet managers with a powerful set of tools that transform raw data into valuable business information that impact fleet operation decisions."

"Webtech Wireless' state-of-the-art technology delivers high-value data to our customers every single day. In today's marketplace, big data is the most powerful asset an organization can own," said Scott Edmonds, president and CEO of Webtech Wireless. "Our business intelligence tools coupled with big data not only provides visibility to what is happening, but drives change that enhances operational efficiencies."