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July 28, 2010 - Industry News

Global Trade Positioned For Growth Into 2011

World trade by all modes of transportation will grow 8.1 percent in 2010 and 6.9 percent in 2011, according to the latest forecast from IHS Global Insight's World Trade Service

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July 23, 2010 - Industry News

FTR: A Slow Recovery Is Not Concern For a Double Dip

Since demand for air freight is going up, this is a good sign for trucking, as retailers were off about their inventory predictions, FTR says. (Photo by FedEx)

While the economic recovery has been showing signs of slowing, this is not cause for concern that we'll see a double dip recession, FTR Associates pointed out during a webinar Friday

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July 16, 2010 - Industry News

Industrial Production Inches Up Slowly; Manufacturing Loses Steam

Industrial production grew at a slower rate than expected in June, inching up 0.1 percent after a 1.3 percent rise in May, according to data released by the Federal Reserve

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July 8, 2010 - Industry News

FTR: Risks Could Impact Economic Recovery in U.S.

Although the U.S. economic recovery is likely on track, there are several risks out there that could negatively impact the recovery, according to FTR Associates' June North American Commercial Truck and Trailer Outlook. Due to risks such as the impact of Europe's economic crisis, the decline in the U.S. stock market, and high unemployment numbers, FTR's forecast was somewhat conservative in this outlook

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July 2, 2010 - Industry News

June Payrolls Slip; Transportation Adds to the Ranks

Overall, the U.S. lost 125,000 jobs in June, mostly due to the drop in Census jobs. However, the transportation and warehousing sectors added 15,000 workers during the month. (Photo by Con-way)

While June payrolls fell for the first time in six months, the transportation and warehousing sectors added 15,000 jobs during the mont

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July 2, 2010 - Industry News

Manufacturing Activity Grows at a Slower Rate

While the manufacturing sector still seems to be moving in the right direction, growth has slowed somewhat in the last few months, a sign that the second half of the year may see more moderate growth

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June 28, 2010 - Industry News

Trucking Recovery in Full Swing on Gains in Freight Volumes

As freight volumes continue to improve this year along with the overall economy, fleets can expect to have more trucks at the dock and more drivers on the road.

The trucking industry is finally experiencing a period of growth, as an economic recovery has led to solid freight volumes, tightening capacity and signs of a driver shortage waiting in the wing

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June 24, 2010 - Industry News

Manufacturers' Orders Slip After Five Months of Growth

After five straight months of increases, new orders for manufactured durable goods were down 1.1 percent, or $2.2 billion, in Ma

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June 23, 2010 - Industry News

Fed Keeps Interest Rate at Record Low on 'Less Supportive' Conditions

The Federal Reserve announced it will keep the federal funds interest rate at zero to 0.25 percent, a record lo

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June 18, 2010 - Industry News

Manufacturing Continues to Grow; Price Indexes Fall Slightly

Manufacturing activity continued to improve in May, climbing 0.9 percent on its third straight monthly gain of about 1 percent, according to the Federal Reserve. Meanwhile, the Producer Price Index was down 0.3 percent in May, and the Consumer Price Index fell 0.2 percen

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June 11, 2010 - Industry News

Economic Indicators Mixed On Continued Uncertainty

Economic indicators coming out of the U.S. Census Bureau Friday were mixed, as the government announced that retail and food services sales were down 1.2 percent in May, while business inventories gained 0.4 percent in April

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June 11, 2010 - Industry News

Ceridian Index Sees Largest Monthly Boost in 10 Years

The Ceridian-UCLA Pulse of Commerce Index gained 3.1 percent in May, the largest monthly boost in over 10 years

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June 10, 2010 - Industry News

Trade Gap Widens in April

April exports fell 0.7 percent, while imports fell 0.4 percent, widening the trade gap from March

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June 9, 2010 - Industry News

Federal Reserve: Transportation Activity on the Rise

Transportation and manufacturing activity has improved over the last few months, according to the Federal Reserv

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June 7, 2010 - Industry News

Freight to Bounce Back Stronger Than Economy

Expected growth in Asia's economy could mean a competitive market for U.S. exports. (Photo by Schneider)

Over the long term, freight is expected to grow at a stronger pace than the U.S. gross domestic product, said Paul Bingham, managing director of global commerce and transportation at IHS Global Insight

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June 3, 2010 - Industry News

Orders For Manufactured Goods Continue to Rise

Following a 1.7 percent boost in March, new orders for manufactured goods continued to rise, up 1.2 percent, or $5.1 billion, in Apri

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May 26, 2010 - Industry News

Orders For Manufactured Durable Goods Back Up in April

New orders for manufactured durable goods gained 2.9 percent in April, the fourth boost in the last five month

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May 18, 2010 - Industry News

U.S. Producer Prices Down in April Following March Boost

The U.S. Producer Price Index fell 0.1 percent in April, following an increase of 0.7 percent in Marc

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May 14, 2010 - Industry News

April Sees Gains in Retail Sales, Industrial Production

In April, revenue at sporting goods, hobby, book and music stores were down nearly 2 percent. Department store sales were off 1.5 percent, while food and beverage stores saw sales decrease 0.5 percent.

April retail sales were up 0.4 percent over March, the seventh straight gain, while industrial production grew by 0.8 percent in April, higher than expected

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May 13, 2010 - Industry News

Forecast Outlines Growth in Tonnage, Other Economic/Industry Trends

The future's bright looking ahead to 2021, says a new forecast from the American Trucking Associations, as total freight tonnage and trucking will grow (albeit slightly slower than the overall economy) and trucking will continue to dominate modal market share

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May 13, 2010 - Industry News

Recent Economic Indicators Mixed for April

Disappointing retail sales and a dip in an index that measures diesel purchases have some wondering if the economic recovery slowed in April, but other indicators including manufacturing and durable goods production, increased

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May 7, 2010 - Industry News

U.S. Sees Labor Improvements Amid Market Volatility

Since December, factory employment has increased by 101,000, according to the Department of Labor.

Aside from the volatility in the stock market Thursday and Friday, last week yielded some positive signs that the economy is getting back on track, including an announcement by the Department of Labor that total employment grew by 290,000 in Apri

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April 16, 2010 - Industry News

Manufacturing, Retail Sales Inch Up in March

The Federal Reserve said industrial production was up 0.1 percent in March, with the manufacturing sector alone jumping 0.9 percent in the one-month period

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April 9, 2010 - Industry News

Wholesale Inventories Gain 0.6 Percent From January

Wholesale merchant inventories were up 0.6 percent in February from January levels, a positive sign that trucks may have more to carry in the near future

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April 5, 2010 - Industry News

Economic Indicators Point to Positive Road Ahead

Over the last week, the U.S. has been seeing some economic indicators that are cause for celebration, especially for the trucking industry

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