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February 24, 1999 - Industry News

National Transportation Safety Conference Next Week

The Department of Transportation has announced a two-day national transportation safety conference to take place in Washington, D.C., beginning March 2

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February 24, 1999 - Industry News

OSHA Previews Ergonomics Rules

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has issued what amounts to a test balloon for its ergonomics standards.

February 23, 1999 - Industry News

Hearing Finds Office Of Motor Carriers Doing Poor Job

The Office of Motor Carriers got knocked around on Capitol Hill yesterday as Rep. Frank Wolf and others took the agency to task for shortcomings in its enforcement of truck safety rules

February 19, 1999 - Industry News

Lautenberg Plans To Step Down

New Jersey Sen. Frank Lautenberg has spent his 16 years in the Senate plugging away on transportation and other issues. The 75-year-old Democrat has announced he will not run again

February 18, 1999 - Industry News

Mineta Chairs Truck Safety Panel

Secretary of Transportation Rodney Slater has enlisted a respected Washington veteran to help lower the heat in the congressional dispute over truck and bus safety enforcement

February 18, 1999 - Industry News

FHWA Looks At Intermodal Equipment Safety

Who should be responsible for the maintenance and safety of intermodal equipment – carriers or equipment owners? That’s the basic question now being asked by the Federal Highway Administration. Container chassis and intermodal trailers are often owned

February 17, 1999 - Industry News

Montana Moves Closer To Speed Limit

Montana moved one step closer Monday to putting up new speed limit signs on its highways, with lopsided House approval of a bill that calls for lower truck limits than the version passed by the Senate

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February 16, 1999 - Industry News

Clinton’s Transportation Budget Has Some Upset

If President Clinton has his way, fuel taxes that are supposed to pay for improving the nation’s roadways could be put to other uses. Clinton’s budget for next year calls for diverting billions of dollars in fuel tax revenue from the highway trust fund to a variety of other transportation programs

February 11, 1999 - Industry News

House Committee Holds Truck Safety Hearing

Debate on the future of the Office of Motor Carriers opened yesterday with hearings before the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure. The status of OMC, the office in the Federal Highway Administration that enforces truck safety rules, is part of a general examination of trucking safety that will unfold in congressional hearings and federal investigations in the coming months

February 11, 1999 - Industry News

House Holds Truck Safety Hearing Today

Congress begins taking a closer look at trucking today with the first of several hearings scheduled to look at truck safety and hours of service rules. Also on the agenda of the House Ground Transportation Subcommittee is a discussion to possibly move the Office of Motor Carriers

February 9, 1999 - Industry News

Freightliners Recalled For Wiper Problem

Nearly 7,000 Freightliner Century Class trucks with model years from 1996-1998 have been recalled for windshield wiper problems

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February 8, 1999 - Industry News

Wolf Introduces Legislation To Move Office Of Motor Carriers

Rep. Frank Wolf, R-VA, has once again introduced legislation to move the Office of Motor Carriers from the Federal Highway Administration to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

February 8, 1999 - Industry News

Montana Motor Carriers Oppose Higher Speed Limit

The Montana Motor Carriers Assn. opposes the state Legislature’s proposed 10-mph increase in speed limit for trucks on Interstate highways

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February 4, 1999 - Industry News

Montana House Considers Speed Limit

The Montana House is holding a hearing today on a bill setting new speed limits

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February 3, 1999 - Industry News

Freightliner’s Hebe Speaks Out

Government and safety representatives are willing to look at bigger and heavier trucks if the industry can prove they’re safer and easier on the roads, said Freightliner President and CEO Jim Hebe Tuesday at a press conference at the company’s Portland, OR, headquarters

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February 2, 1999 - Industry News

Montana Senate Passes Speed Limit Bill

Montana is edging closer to setting some actual speed limits for both cars and trucks — and it looks like there may be some different limits for big rigs

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February 2, 1999 - Industry News

Clinton’s Budget Proposes Record Transportation Spending

President Clinton’s budget for fiscal year 2000, presented to Congress earlier this week, proposes a record $50.5 billion in transportation investments, including a record $28.4 billion to maintain highways and build new roads and bridges

January 29, 1999 - Industry News

FHWA Looks At Post-Accident Alcohol Testing

Should law enforcement conduct federally mandated post-accident alcohol tests of truck and bus drivers? That’s the question to be explored in a new study being conducted by the Federal Highway Administration

January 22, 1999 - Industry News

Investigation Finds Illegal Lobbying At Office Of Motor Carriers

George Reagle likes truckers. As head of the Federal Highway Administration’s Office of Motor Carriers, he encouraged communication between the agency and the trucking industry. But apparently he took it too far

January 22, 1999 - Industry News

Symposium, Bills Tackle Road Rage

Three-quarters of respondents to a national survey believe it is very important to do something about road rage, said U.S. Transportation Secretary Rodney Slater last week at a symposium on preventing aggressive driving

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January 21, 1999 - Industry News

House Ethics Committee Investigates Shuster

The House ethics committee is investigating Rep. Bud Shuster, R-PA, who is head of the House Transportation Committee

January 20, 1999 - Industry News

Reagle Reassigned

George Reagle, associate administrator for motor carriers at the Federal Highway Administration, has been reassigned

January 15, 1999 - Industry News

Is Reagle On His Way Out?

Rumors abound that George Reagle, associate administrator for motor carriers with the Federal Highway Administration, is on his way out.

January 15, 1999 - Industry News

Is Reagle On The Way Out?

Rumors abound that George Reagle, associate administrator for motor carriers with the Federal Highway Administration, is on his way out

January 12, 1999 - Industry News

North Carolina Looking At High-Tech Brake Inspections

The North Carolina Department of Transportation is shopping for high-tech devices to detect faulty truck brakes, reports the Associated Press, but those devices are not approved for funding by the federal government

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