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October 6, 2000 - Industry News

No-Penalty Vehicle Inspections Held At Bordentown Petro

The New Jersey State Police Truck Enforcement Unit held voluntary no-penalty vehicle inspections at the Petro Stopping Center, Bordentown, NJ, during International Highway Transportation Safety Week. Trucks passing the Level One inspections received a CVSA decal good

October 6, 2000 - Industry News

The Truth About Texas Speed Limits

Truckers should know that Texas has not abolished split speed limits as previously reported by the Austin Statesman, the Dallas Morning News and the Texas Department of Public Safety. When the Austin Statesman stated the Associated Press

October 6, 2000 - Industry News

Lower Traffic Levels Lead To Higher Accident Rates, Study Shows

More cars on the road does not necessarily mean more crashes, according to researchers from the Michigan Department of Transportation and Michigan State University. A recent study on 16 miles of Interstate in Detroit revealed that crash

October 6, 2000 - Industry News

Web Site For Safety Enforcement Officials

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance has introduced a web site for the truck and bus safety enforcement community. Located at, the site serves as an information resource to safety enforcement officials such as roadside inspectors

October 6, 2000 - Industry News

Speed Limits To Change With The Weather In Seattle

Truckers driving on Interstate 90 across Snoqualmie Pass near Seattle now have help in determining how fast they can drive when it’s snowing. It’s called Travel Aid, an intelligent transportation system designed to improve safety and reduce

October 5, 2000 - Industry News

Debate Deja Vu on Energy Policy

Thursday evening's debate between vice presidential candidates Democrat Joseph Lieberman and Republican Dick Cheney saw both men echo many of the same proposals and ideas that presidential candidates Al Gore and George W. Bush touched on during their first debate two nights earlier

October 5, 2000 - Industry News

Cardiac Tests Dropped from New Medical Exam Form

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has dropped specific reference to ECG and EST tests in its new medical examination form, but says it will propose the establishment of a medical panel to review and make recommendations for amending qualifying standards and tests for drivers with cardiac conditions

October 4, 2000 - Industry News

NHTSA Considering Cross-View Mirrors for Delivery Trucks

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is considering a proposal to require convex cross-view mirrors on the rear of delivery and service trucks so drivers can see pedestrians behind the vehicles

October 4, 2000 - Industry News

Nationwide Port Trucker Protest Packs Less Punch Than Promised

California Republicans Promise Fuel Tax Cut For Votes EPA Administrator To Pressure Clinton To Keep Cleaner Diesel Plan Alive Trucker Recognized For 5 Million Mile Accident Free Career

October 4, 2000 - Industry News

In Perspective: The Hours of Service Compromise

A congressional compromise on hours of service reform means it will be at least another year before a new rule kicks in. The deal will permit the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to continue working on its

October 4, 2000 - Industry News

Last HOS Roundtable Starts Today

The third and final roundtable on the hours of service proposal being held by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration gets under way today and continues through tomorrow

October 3, 2000 - Industry News

ATA Holds First Bilingual 'How to Drive' Demonstration

The American Trucking Associations' held its first bilingual "How to Drive" demonstration yesterday in San Antonio

October 3, 2000 - Industry News

Bush, Gore Debate Fuel Crisis

Truckers looking for answers to problems they directly face in their business were most likely disappointed when the top candidates for President of the United States barely touched on the issues during Tuesday evening’s debate in Boston -- but they did talk about how they would address the current fuel crisis

October 3, 2000 - Industry News

Ohio Congressman Fights to Keep Mexican Rigs Off U.S. Highways

U.S. Congressman Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio) is vowing to fight the implementation of North American Free Trade Agreement provisions allowing Mexican trucks on U.S. highways, and has introduced legislation supporting U.S. safety standards for Mexican trucks crossing the U.S. border

October 3, 2000 - Industry News

HOS Proposal Delayed for a Year

U.S. House and Senate conferees have agreed to compromise legislation that prohibits the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration from issuing a final rule on its controversial trucker hours of service proposal for another year. The safety agency, however, will be able to continue working on the proposal

October 3, 2000 - Industry News

HOS Roundtables: Weekend Breaks and Daily Work

Since April's hours-of-service proposal, the trucking industry has said the weekend rest provision will put more trucks on the road during morning rush hour

October 2, 2000 - Industry News

CF Privacy Case Gets Another Chance

Drivers who say their privacy was invaded by the installation of cameras in restrooms by a trucking company have made some headway in the court system

October 1, 2000 - Industry News

HOS Roundtables: Sleeper Berths, Driver Communications

Most of what’s being said at the hours of service roundtables has already been said before. What’s new is that the people affected by the proposal are getting an open-ended opportunity to air their concerns and to engage the rule-writers in discussion

September 29, 2000 - Industry News

Ban on Truck Parking Set Aside in Charleston

Despite protests from citizens angry over loud noise, exhaust, and street damage, truckers living in Charleston, S.C., can continue to park their rigs at home for the rest of the year

September 29, 2000 - Industry News

Congress Recesses Without HOS Deal

Although the consumer press is reporting that a compromise deal on Capitol Hill would delay the hours of service proposal, Congress recessed yesterday afternoon without making it official. According to published reports, new hours of service rules will be put off for at least a year under negotations to resolve differences between Senate and House versions of transportation spending bills -- but research and comments will be allowed to continue

September 28, 2000 - Industry News

CB Radio Bill Gets House Approval

A bill that will allow local and state authorities to enforce regulations on the operation of CB radios within their jurisdictions was passed by the U.S. House of Representatives earlier this week. However, it is unlikely to make it through both houses of Congress this session

September 28, 2000 - Industry News

Hours Rules Could Be Delayed in House-Senate Compromise

The Associated Press is reporting that a compromise deal on Capitol Hill would delay the hours of service proposal, but sources tell that it is not yet a done deal, and that the American Trucking Assns. is still fighting some aspects of the compromise

September 27, 2000 - Industry News

Day Two at the Hours of Service Roundtable

One of the key criticisms of the plan to reform the hours-of-service rules is that by cutting back the length of the workday, it will force trucking companies to put more trucks on the road, with inexperienced drivers at the wheel — not good for safety. So far, though, the critics have failed to prove this point to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration

September 26, 2000 - Industry News

Ohio Claims Most Hazardous Spills Involving Trucks

Federal and state records have revealed that Ohio leads the nation in trucking accidents involving hazardous materials, and enforcement of state laws to prevent such spills is on the decline, according to Associated Press reports

September 25, 2000 - Industry News

Round and Round at the Hours of Service Roundtables

The hours of service roundtables are supposed to be a forum for gathering information, but at the opening session yesterday in a Washington, D.C., suburb, the dialogue often veered into debate. As witnesses around the table asserted their interests, it was easy to see why a negotiated rulemaking would not work: After years of fact-finding and a docket that would fill a fleet of trailers, the contesting parties still are at odds over fundamental issues


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