In many cases, the cost of two or three service calls will pay for an automatic tire inflation system.


Tire Report: Automatic Tire Inflation Systems Guard Against Premature Failure

Next to the click-click-click sound of your starter on a cold winter morning, a trucker's most dreaded sound has to be the hiss of a slowly deflating tire

Trucks with flat tires don't go anywhere. TPMS can prevent flats or run-flat conditions that stop trucks and ruin tires. (Photo: Jim Park)


Advances in Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems Make it Easier than Ever to Get the Most Out of Your Tires

Pneumatic or "balloon" tires go back to 1845, when Robert W. Thomson filled a leather-covered rubber tube with air and wrapped it around a wheel


Arsenault Survey Shows How Fleets Operate Preventive Maintenance Programs

According to an ongoing survey by Arsenault Associates, 56% of fleets that employ maintenance software use it first and foremost to automate preventive maintenance scheduling


Old Dominion's Green Shop

Old Dominion Freight Line has implemented environmentally conscious programs at all 31 of its shops in the lower 48 states


Better Stopping Performance Now Built Into Highway Tractors as New Rules Take Effect

Emerging from truck factories in the U.S. right now are road tractors that can stop in substantially shorter distances than those built last week. That's because new government stopping-distance requirements took effect August 1st


The Art and Science of Truck and Engine Diagnostics

Diagnostics took a while to become a high art, though for for a long time it was a human one.

Irregular wear on trailer tires could be a combination of  pre-existing wear and poor  maintenance of the trailer. (Photo by Jim Park)


Extend Tire Life: Learn How to Tell When Your Trucks are Killing Your Tires

Thousands of tires are cast prematurely onto scrap piles every month. That's hundreds of thousands of miles of operation fleets give up because their tires die untimely, unnatural and often unnecessary deaths. And the tires themselves are rarely to blame

Shoulder wear on wide-base singles is a common problem.


Uneven Wear on Wide-Base Single Tires

The wear demons don't discriminate between standard and wide-base single tires. With a few exceptions, the kinds of irregular wear that standard tires exhibit will appear on wide-base singles, too


Maintaining and Servicing Diesel Particulate Filters

Diesel particulate filters trap soot from the exhaust and ash from motor oil. Most soot is burned off in the course of a truck's operations, but ash stays in the filter's honeycomb substrate and is removed through periodic servicing.


What You Need to Know About Tire Valves

Most fleets consider tire valve stems and valve hardware as an afterthought, but there are many issues associated with valve stem hardware that fleets need to be aware of


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