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January 20, 1999 - Industry News

Reagle Reassigned

George Reagle, associate administrator for motor carriers at the Federal Highway Administration, has been reassigned

January 15, 1999 - Industry News

Is Reagle On His Way Out?

Rumors abound that George Reagle, associate administrator for motor carriers with the Federal Highway Administration, is on his way out.

January 15, 1999 - Industry News

Is Reagle On The Way Out?

Rumors abound that George Reagle, associate administrator for motor carriers with the Federal Highway Administration, is on his way out

December 31, 1998 - Industry News

DOT Size-Weight Study Ignites Controversy

Jan. 1 – A new truck size and weight study released Wednesday by the U.S. Department of Transportation is sure to add fuel to the controversy about longer combination vehicles. The book-length volume, while technically a draft,

December 24, 1998 - Industry News

FHWA Hires Convenors To Look At Hour Of Service Rulemaking

Dec. 28 – The Federal Highway Administration announced last Wednesday that it has hired two “convenors” to consider the feasibility of negotiated rulemaking as an approach to developing hours-of-service rules

December 24, 1998 - Industry News

STB Tells Bureaus To Lower Base Rates

Dec. 28 – In most industries, competitors are barred from discussing prices by federal antitrust rules. But since the 1930s, motor carriers have been allowed to collectively set rates, as long as they did so through

December 14, 1998 - Industry News

More Delays On Hours Of Service Rules

Dec. 15 – New hours-of-service rules remain in the idle mode as the Federal Highway Administration continues to consider a negotiated rulemaking. New proposed rules were expected to be announced in the fall

December 11, 1998 - Industry News

New OSHA Rules Require Driver Training On Lift Trucks

Dec. 14 – New federal regulations regarding lift truck operator training also apply to truck drivers who may occasionally use the equipment for loading or unloading

December 11, 1998 - Industry News

FHWA Sets Waiver/Exemption Application Procedures

Dec. 14 – Under new authority granted by last year’s highway bill, the Federal Highway Administration has formally opened the door to waivers and exemptions from federal safety regulations

December 11, 1998 - Industry News

New OSHA Rules Require Forklift Training

Dec. 14 – If you occasionally use forklifts, new federal regulations require you to get training

December 2, 1998 - Industry News

FHWA To Issue Vision Waivers

Dec. 3 – Citing new authority granted with this year’s highway bill, the Federal Highway Administration has announced its intention to exempt 24 truck drivers from federal vision requirements

November 6, 1998 - Industry News

New Hours of Service Rules May Be Coming Soon

Nov. 7 – Some 18 months after the Federal Highway Administration's Office of Motor Carriers wrapped up hearings on how hours-of-service rules for truck drivers should be changed, new proposed rules may finally be issued

October 27, 1998 - Industry News

Engine Manufacturers To Pay $83.4 Million in EPA Fines

Oct. 28 – Six engine manufacturers will pay $83.4 million in fines in an agreement reached with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in the government’s lawsuit over diesel emissions – the largest civil penalty ever for violation of environmental laws

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October 21, 1998 - Industry News

House Transportation Chair Guaranteed Re-election

Oct. 22 – U.S. Rep. Bud Shuster, a republican and chairman of the House Transportation Committee, is virtually guaranteed re-election Nov. 3 – he faces himself on the ballot. Shuster is on the ballot as both the

October 20, 1998 - Industry News

Office Of Motor Carriers To Stay In FHWA

Oct. 21 – After intense lobbying by the trucking industry, the Office of Motor Carriers will stay where it is

October 12, 1998 - Industry News

Highway Spending Bill Could Change Trucking Oversight

Oct. 13 – A Virginia representative wants to move the Office of Motor Carriers from the Department of Transportation’s Federal Highway Administration to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Rep. Frank Wolf, a Republican, has been

October 6, 1998 - Industry News

Federal CB Legislation Has Uncertain Future

Oct. 7 – The fate of congressional legislation to allow local governments to enforce federal rules over the use of CB radios is still uncertain. Earlier this year, House and Senate versions of a bill were

October 5, 1998 - Industry News

FHWA Restructures Field Offices

Oct. 6 – The Federal Highway Administration is streamlining its field organization, replacing its nine regional offices with four “virtual” resource centers. The centers are: Eastern, located in Baltimore; Southern, located in Atlanta; Midwestern, located in

September 29, 1998 - Industry News

Government Project to Improve Driver History Tracking

Oct. 1 – Although the federal commercial driver’s license system was supposed to end the problems of duplicate licenses and truckers on the road with multiple traffic convictions, there have been some problems. To combat this,

September 21, 1998 - Industry News

Hours Of Service Gets Sneak Preview

Sept. 22 — As the Federal Highway Administration was being blasted in Senate committee hearings for failing to revise hours-of-service regulations last week, the agency was apparently sending up a trial balloon on just that subject.

September 18, 1998 - Industry News

Senate Panel Holds Hearing on Hours of Service

Sept. 21 — Trucker fatigue and hours-of-service regulations were the focus of a Senate committee hearing held last Wednesday. Tired truckers “are estimated to cause a growing portion of the nearly half-million large truck accidents on U.S.

September 8, 1998 - Industry News

DOT Offers Hotline for Safety Violations

U.S. Secretary of Transportation Rodney Slater announced a new hotline for commercial vehicle drivers to report actual or potential violations of federal motor carrier safety violations. The toll-free line, (888) DOT-SAFT, (368-7238) will put drivers in contact


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