Fleet Management


Credit Crunch: Surviving The Storm

Better batten down the hatches and tighten the belts, motor carriers. This thing is going to get worse before it gets better. That was the message last month from economic experts


Rollover Control: Electronic stability technology

Not a lot of truck buyers are choosing electronic stability enhancement devices, but maybe they should - because they could be saving big bucks


Mobile Communication: Making it All Work

Trucking operations use a number of technologies to improve both operational efficiencies and customer service: transportation management software in the home office, computers or tracking and monitoring devices on the vehicles


Minding the Fleet

In the beginning, fleet management software mostly meant applications that tied together a carrier's accounting and dispatch functions. Today, such products encompass a number of operational activities and integrate with a wide range of technologies


The Wireless Truck

There has been much talk about telematics on the car side of the automotive business, with GM the highest-profile early adopter with its OnStar product. Yet trucking had the car people beat by 20 years


An Office in the Cab

Not that long ago, the onboard computer systems found in trucks were little more than data recorders. Pioneered by such companies as Tripmaster, these "black boxes" recorded things such as road speed and engine tim


Cutting the Hidden Fat May Boost Morale and the Bottom Line

Cost cutting efforts typically focus on the obvious targets: travel, sales meetings, advertising, overtime, etc. But there may still be hidden fat that can be cut without causing as much pain as these obvious targets


Time for Preventive Maintenance on Fuel Surcharges

Funny how things change. Six months ago at $147 a barrel, oil prices were a catastrophe. In mid-December, hovering near $40, they were the only ray of light on an economic horizon that was grim and getting grimmer


Fuel Buying Smarts

Whether fuel is two-something a gallon or four-something a gallon, every penny you can save is another penny toward the bottom line


Technology Trailblazer: Jaquelyn Barretta, CIO, Con-way, Inc.

Like many of HDT's Truck Fleet Innovators, Jacquelyn Barretta followed in her father's footsteps - but it was into the world of information technology, or IT, rather than trucking

Driver Incentives that Work
The right driver incentives can have a powerful impact on safety. Learn from safety leaders at three organizations how to engage drivers with rewards and incentives that work. Optimize your own program with remedies for 6 common challenges.

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