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April 18, 2011 - Industry News

Diesel Pushes Higher, Crude Continues Modest Decline

The price of on-highway diesel fuel continued to push higher last week, though the national average price increase of 2.7 cents was modest compared to the previous week's 10-cent jump. The national average price is currently $1.031 higher, or 33.5 percent, than this time last year

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April 12, 2011 - Industry News

High Fuel Prices Expected For Summer, But Oil Could Tumble

The Energy Information Administration predicts high fuel prices this summer, but recent price increases may be substantially due to speculation. Crude oil prices hit a 30-month high on Monday at $113.36, but have slipped back to $106.22 after Goldman Sachs fingered speculators on recent price increases

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April 11, 2011 - Industry News

Retail Diesel Continues Rise; Oil Falls After 30-Month High

On-highway diesel prices rose by 10 cents last week, more than double the previous week's increase of 4.4 cents. Prices have now topped $4 per gallon on the national average and in every major region

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April 3, 2011 - Industry News

Fuel Economy Key Theme at Mid-America Show

While there weren't many big new product announcements at this year's Mid-America Trucking Show last week in Louisville, Ky., there was one theme that rang loud and clear through nearly every product introduction and enhancement announced: improved fuel economy, and as part of that, lighter weight

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April 3, 2011 - Industry News

Oregon's Diesel Required to Contain 5% Biodiesel

Oregon is about to become the second state to require that most of the diesel sold there contain at least 5 percent biodiesel (B5), according to the National Biodiesel Board

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March 30, 2011 - Industry News

President Calls for Cutting Oil Imports

Noting that international events have people thinking about energy safety and security, President Obama Wednesday called for slashing oil imports by one-third by 2025 as part of his administration's Blueprint for A Secure Energy Future.

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March 29, 2011 - Industry News

PS Energy Group, Clean Energy Fuels Strike Atlanta Deal

PS Energy Group is increasing the supply of alternative fuels in Atlanta by working with Clean Energy Fuels, the company founded by T. Boone Pickens

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March 28, 2011 - Industry News

On-Highway Diesel Prices Continue Rise After Brief Fall

U.S. on-highway diesel prices are up 2.5 cents from last week, and up 99.3 cents from last year, according to the Department of Energy. The rise to a $3.932 national average follows a slight decline last week that broke a 15-week streak of steady price increases

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March 23, 2011 - Industry News

Oil Prices Near 30-Month High

Events in Libya prompted crude oil prices to clime to a near-30-month high Wednesday as concern mounted that attacks on Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi's troops, as well as protest in Syria, would disrupt oil supplies

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March 22, 2011 - Industry News

Clean Energy, Dillon Transport To Build Natural Gas Fueling Station

Clean Energy Fuels has signed an agreement with contract freight carrier Dillon Transport to build, operate and supply an LNG/CNG fueling station on Dillon-owned property in Dallas

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March 21, 2011 - Industry News

Break in Price Rise Streak for On-Highway Diesel, Crude Rises

Fuel prices dropped slightly but are still hovering near $4 per gallon in many areas. (Photo by Jim Park)

The U.S. average on-highway price for diesel fuel dropped by a tenth of a cent to $3.907 over last week, according to the Department of Energy. The marginal decrease broke a 15-week streak in diesel price increases

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March 16, 2011 - Industry News

Mansfield Oil Company Acquires Gas Equipment Systems, Inc.

Mansfield Oil Company has acquired California-based Gas Equipment Systems, Inc. GESI was founded by President & CEO Larry Ozier in 1998 and has supplied, constructed or maintained more than 150 compressed natural gas fueling stations in its thirteen year history

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March 15, 2011 - Industry News

Truckers Dispute Fuel Pumps Less Than the Public

Earlier this week, the National Council on Weights and Measures reported that as fuel prices at the pump rise, so do the number of complaints received by state weights and measures officials. Interestingly, the phenomenon seems to be limited to gasoline consumers - truckers are unaffected

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March 15, 2011 - Industry News

Production Capacity Increased for TerraCair Ultrapure DEF

Terra Environmental Technologies commissioned TerraCair Ultrapure diesel exhaust fluid production at the Woodward, Okla., nitrogen complex

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March 14, 2011 - Industry News

Diesel Prices Push $4 a Gallon

The price of diesel fuel rose for the 15th week in a row to an average of $3.908 nationwide, according to the Department of Energy, but at a less-steep rate than the double-digit gains of the past two weeks -- 3.8 cents higher than last week and 98.4 cents higher than a year ago

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March 8, 2011 - Industry News

DOE Raises Diesel Forecast to $3.81

Continuing unrest in Libya as well as other North African and Middle Eastern countries has led to the highest crude oil prices since 2008

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March 7, 2011 - Industry News

Oil, Diesel Hit New Highs

Diesel is over $4 per  gallon in some parts of the country. (Photo by Jim Park.)

As crude oil futures hit a new 29-month high Monday, diesel prices took another big leap this week, 15.5 cents, to a national average of $3.871 per gallon, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. That's the 14th hike in a row and nearly 97 cents higher than it was a year ago

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March 6, 2011 - Industry News

Oil Prices Hit 29-Month High

The price of crude oil rose past $104 a barrel Friday to end the week at the highest level since September 2008, as bad news from Libya and good news about the U.S. economy spurred supply-demand worries

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March 2, 2011 - Industry News

Oil Rises Above $102 as Libyan Supply Fears Escalate

Oil prices settled above $102 per barrel on Tuesday for the first time since September of 2008 as fighting escalated in Libya and petroleum demand grew in the U.S

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February 28, 2011 - Industry News

Diesel Spikes 14 Cents, Passes $3.71 a Gallon

Diesel fuel took its biggest hike since June 2009 this week, rising 14.3 cents over last week's Department of Energy price survey. The national average price reported by the Energy Information Administration on Monday was $3.716 per gallon

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February 27, 2011 - Industry News

ATA: It's Time to Open Access to Domestic Energy Sources

With world events showing the importance of energy independence, the American Trucking Associations called on the Obama administration to stop blocking access to U.S.-held energy assets

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February 24, 2011 - Industry News

Oil Prices Appear to be Stabilizing, Diesel Up: Crude Closes at $97.28

Oil prices dropped Thursday for the first time in nine days after the International Energy Agency said the rebellion in Libya may have cut oil production less than originally feare

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February 23, 2011 - Industry News

Oil Prices Top $100, Settle at $98.10 on Wednesday

Diesel prices are following the trend in oil pricing. The national average price rose on Wednesday to $3.61 -- up nearly a dime from last week.

The price of oil topped the $100 mark in mid-day trading on Wednesday as supply concerns worsened with the advancing strife in Libya

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February 22, 2011 - Industry News

Diesel Prices Surge as Oil Nears $100

The price of a gallon of diesel fuel is up by 3.9 cents this week, topping $3.57 a gallon, and marking its 12th consecutive weekly increase

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February 21, 2011 - Industry News

Crude Prices Soar as Supply Concerns Rise

U.S. Energy markets had the day off Monday but overseas activity proved just about enough for everyone

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