February 2015, - Feature

HDT Top 20 Products of 2015

By HDT Staff

These are the top 20 products from the past year which demonstrated innovation, significance to the industry and potential to improve a trucking operations bottom line.

Tags: Technology, Innovative Equipment, Heavy Duty Trucking magazine, Top 20 Products

July 2015, - Editorial

Commentary: The Unmanned Vision

Rolf Lockwood, Executive Contributing Editor

By Rolf Lockwood

While much has been made about autonomous trucks lately, at least one group is looking ahead to unmanned vehicles altogether.

Tags: Volvo, Technology, Future Trucks, Autonomous Vehicles

June 2015, - Department

Disruption is the Latest Technology Buzzword

The Freightliner Inspiration Truck at it's Hoover Dam introduction. Photo: Stephane Babcock

By Jim Beach

The key disrupter in recent years has been the Internet, which has changed the way a number of industries operate. In trucking, e-commerce has profoundly affected trucking operations, especially those that serve retailers.

Tags: Technology, Information Technology, E-commerce, Autonomous Vehicles

June 2015, - Feature

Mining Data for Fuel Savings

From routing to gamification to spotting equipment issues, information technology can help save fuel.

By Jim Beach

Fleet use of technologies to reduce costs is nothing new. Along with increased productivity and efficiency, cutting fuel costs was a big reason fleets adopted technologies such as automated routing and dispatch, GPS tracking and mobile communications.

Tags: Fuel Savings, Technology, Fuel

May 2015, - Feature

Cameras in the Cab

Fleets can see real improvement with in-cab video systems. Photo courtesy of Lytx

By Jim Beach

Truck fleets are increasingly deploying in-cab video systems as part of their technological arsenal to increase safety and security.

Tags: Driver Safety, Technology, In-Vehicle Video

May 2015, - Department

The Future of Visibility

While mirrors are here to stay, high-tech supplements are on the horizon.

By Stephane Babcock

While mirrors are here to stay, high-tech supplements are on the horizon.

Tags: Vehicle Safety Technology, Technology, In-Vehicle Video

April 2015, - Department

Attracting and Retaining Drivers with Satellite TV

A golf tournament is displayed on the EpicVue flat-screen TV inside a truck’s sleeper. The company offers its service based on three-year and five-year contracts. Photo via EpicVue

By Jim Beach

Cargo Transporters recently started installing in-cab satellite TV systems in some of its trucks and the driver feedback has been encouraging.

Tags: Technology, Driver Shortage, Driver Retention

January 2015, - Editorial

Commentary: Trucks Could Borrow From F1 Hybrid Tech

Rolf Lockwood, Executive Contributing Editor.

By Rolf Lockwood

The latest hybrid V-6 Formula One engines are marvels of technology that may give us a glimpse into the future of truck efficiency and performance.

Tags: Technology, Fuel Efficiency, Turbochargers, Hybrids, Locking It In

December 2014, - Cover Story

15 Things to Watch For in 2015 (And Beyond)

By Deborah Lockridge and Oliver Patton

A lot is changing in the trucking industry right now – technology, demographics, manufacturing, regulations and more. How will these changes affect your business? We’ve come up with 15 trends you should watch next year and beyond.

Tags: Technology, Regulations, Trends, Industry Trends

September 2014, - Editorial

Got A Knowledge Gap?

Rolf Lockwood, Executive Contributing Editor

By Rolf Lockwood

What new technology that you’ve used in the last 10 years has made a real difference to your operation? Do you know?

Tags: Technology, Information Technology, TMC, NACFE, PIT

September 2014, - Department

Fuel Smarts: Opposed-Piston Diesels About Five Years Away

An OP can be configured and packaged to fit the vehicle it’s intended for. For trucks, the cylinders are likely to be vertical or slanted. Photo: Achates Power

By Tom Berg

Truck users can look forward to 30% better fuel economy at 10% lower production cost, says Achates Power

Tags: Diesel, Technology, Fuel Efficiency, Engines

August 2014, - Editorial

New Truck? Or New World?

By Rolf Lockwood

What two driverless trucks can tell us about the future of transportation and society at large.

Tags: Technology, Driverless Vehicle, Autonomous Drive

June 2014, - Cover Story

121 Ways to Save Fuel

By HDT Staff

There’s hardly a fleet out there that wouldn’t like to save money on fuel costs. Maybe you’re not sure where to start. Maybe you feel like you’ve picked all the low-hanging fruit and you’re looking for new ideas. Here’s help. From the equipment you spec and maintain, to the fuel you buy, to driver training and incentives, you’ll find tips for nearly any type of fleet.

Tags: fuel management, Equipment, Driver Behavior, Driver Training, Fuel Theft, Idle Reduction, Technology, Fuel Economy

June 2014, - Feature

121 Ways to Save Fuel: Technology

By HDT Staff

From the equipment you spec and maintain, to the fuel you buy, to driver training and incentives, you’ll find tips for nearly any type of fleet.

Tags: fuel management, Technology, Telematics, Predictive Analytics, Truck Platooning, Route Optimization

November 2013, - Department

Going Mobile: The BYOD Debate

Verizon was named the official wireless provider for the XRS collaboration with Samsung Mobile to offer a new product that includes a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7-inch tablet and a subscription to XRS’s fleet management software.

By Jim Beach

Mobile computing is quickly becoming the platform of choice. Tablets and smartphones are far outselling laptop or desktop computers in the consumer market, and a growing number of trucking operations are deploying these devices.

Tags: Technology, Information Technology, J.J. Keller, Telogis, PeopleNet, NexTraq, TMW Systems, XRS, Carrier Logistics, Omnitracs, Samsung

September 2013, - Feature

The High-Tech Shop

Devices that allow drivers to conduct and record driver vehicle inspection reports electronically, such as those from Zonar, transmit maintenance issues directly to the fleet and maintenance manager for immediate action.

By Jim Beach

In some fleets, shop operations are completely integrated with the computer systems for dispatch, accounting, mobile communications and outside service providers. In other fleets, technology in the shop may be limited to automated systems for tracking work, labor, parts and inventory.

Tags: Technology, Arsenault Associates, Mitchell 1, Zonar, Managing the Shop, TMW, Omnitracs

August 2013, - Feature

Improving Driver Performance with High-Tech Training

By Jim Beach

Cargo Transporters, Claremont, N.C, wasn’t doing much re-occuring driver training other than a few defensive driving classes, but in 2010 decided to require six hours of either online or classroom training. It was so successful that in 2011 they increased it to eight hours, according to President Dennis Dellinger.

Tags: Technology, Information Technology, Driver Training, J.J. Keller, PeopleNet, Instructional Technologies

June 2013, - Feature

How Technology Can Make You Greener

Dennis Dellinger, president of Cargo Transporters, with some of the company’s drivers. The company makes use of its mobile communications and telematics technologies to improve mpg and reduce paper.

By Jim Beach

Trucking operations generally don’t invest in technology with the sole purpose of becoming “greener.” For most fleets, the decision is prompted by a desire to improve operational efficiencies, customer service and the bottom line.

Tags: Fuel Savings, Technology, McLeod, TMW, Blue Tree Systems

May 2013, - Feature

Telematics Unchained

By Jim Beach

You probably have a pretty good idea what a telematics system is, even if you don't know it by that name. You may know it as a fleet management system or GPS fleet management system or GPS vehicle tracking system.

Tags: Telematics, GPS, Technology

April 2013, - Cover Story

5 Trends in Private Fleets

John Lamonica is president and CEO of Lamonica's Pizza Dough Co., and is the proud owners of three Kenworth trucks that deliver his pizza dough.

By Deborah Lockridge

John Lamonica knows pizza. He can tell you why Brooklyn water makes great pizza dough, and how he has worked to get the same level of great flavor in his California operations using high-quality ingredients and filtered water. The president and CEO of Lamonica's Pizza Dough Co. is also proud of his three bright-red Kenworth trucks that deliver pizza dough to Costco and other customers in southern California.

Tags: Technology, NPTC, Safety & Compliance, Private Fleets

March 2013, - Feature

High-tech Savings at the Fuel Island

By Jim Beach

Truckstop operators have always used technology to meet customer needs and remain competitive. From relatively low-tech devices such as pay phones and fax machines to high-tech services such as wireless Internet access, shore power connections and smart phone apps, truckstops remain places drivers can connect — with both the office and home.

Tags: Comdata, Technology, Telogis, NexTraq, Truckstops, Diesel, Fuel and Oil

February 2013, - Feature

The Art & Science of Routing

The ability to get a truck (or load) from here to there along the safest, shortest and quickest route is probably the most fundamental problem a fleet manager faces.

By Jim Beach

Whether truckload, LTL, local delivery or any other type of operation, all fleets want the same thing: to get their work done as quickly and as safely possible while burning as little fuel as possible.

Tags: Technology, ALK Technologies, Rand McNally, Routing, NexTraq, Carrier Logistics, Cadec, Paragon Software, Navigation

October 2012, - Feature

HDA Truck Pride Automates Purchase Orders

HDA Truck Pride has signed a multi-year joint agreement with HDX Services and GCommerce to automate the Purchase Order to Invoice process between its members, HDA Truck Pride headquarters, and its vendor and end-user partners

Tags: Technology

October 2012, - Feature

What HD Distributors Should Know About Cloud Computing

By Jim Beach, Contributing Editor

Cloud computing has been getting a lot of attention in the information technology space. Before you put your head in the cloud, though, there are some things you should understand about the concept of cloud computing

Tags: Technology

September 2012, - Feature

Using Technology to Smooth the Repair Order Process

By Jim Beach, Contributing Editor

When a driver pulls a truck into a service shop for a repair, scheduled or not, a service writer must bring together a lot of information before a work order can be generated. At the bare minimum,

Tags: Technology

September 2012, - Feature

Vehicle Electronics: How Have They Changed the Aftermarket Business?

By Deborah Lockridge, Editor in Chief

As sophisticated electronics move from the engine to other parts of the truck, such as multiplexed dashboards, antilock brakes, stability and traction control and transmissions that talk to the engine, it becomes an ever more challenging tas

Tags: Technology

June 2012, - Feature

How Technology is Changing the Way Fleets Buy Parts

By Jim Beach, Contributing Editor

A decade ago, selling truck parts was mostly a face-to-face (or least voice-to-voice) business. Distributors used outside salespeople to call on fleets, independent repair shops or other service providers to build typical sales relationships

Tags: Technology

January 2012, - Feature

Five Ways Software Can Improve Your Bottom Line

By Jim Beach, Contributing Editor

It's a rare heavy-duty service shop or parts warehouse/distributor that doesn't use some kind of computer software in its operation. It might be as simple as an accounting package such as QuickBooks, or as complex as a full-feature

Tags: Technology

October 2011, - Feature

Why You Need a Great Website

If you don't have a website - or if it leaves a bad impression - you might be invisible, or worse. Many fleets or shops won't buy from someone without a website because these customers can't check out the operation online.

By Jim Beach, Contributing Editor

Why is a website important? Because if you don't have one, you don't exist to a very large number of potential customers

Tags: Technology

October 2011, - Feature

Inventory Control: High-Tech Ways to Manage Parts Flow

Improvements in software and hardware used for inventory management have made it easier for distributors and shops to stay on top of trends in parts sales.

By Jim Beach, Contributing Editor

For anyone selling truck parts, managing inventory is the most basic part of the business. Automated inventory systems have been in use in the aftermarket business for year

Tags: Technology

October 2011, - Feature

Going Paperless

The benefits of reducing paper in your operation go way beyond being green.

By Jim Beach, Contributing Editor

We all have received those emails with the little tagline at the bottom urging us to think about the environment before printing that message

Tags: Technology

August 2010, - Feature

Five Tips For High-Tech Communication

Technology can be used to streamline communications and make customers happy. (Photo by W. W. Williams)

By Diana Britton, Managing Editor

Before W.W. Williams adopted a customized version of the Decisiv Service Management Platform, the Detroit Diesel and Allison Transmission distributor would keep repair quotes in an Excel file or on a Post-it note

Tags: Technology

May 2010, - Feature

Hybrids Explained: HDAW Looks at the Technology

By Steve Sturgess, Executive Editor

Diesel-electric hybrids are increasingly popular in vocations such as utility trucks and pickup and delivery

Tags: Technology

May 2010, - Feature

E-Commerce: Parts At Your Fingertips

An employee at Vander Haag's uses, where it lists its inventory of used, new and rebuilt parts and equipment. (Photo courtesy of Vander Haag's)

By Diana Britton, Managing Editor

Gary Courtwright, president of Frey Heavy Duty, an upstate New York-based independent distributor, says he doesn't work 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. But Courtwright's work schedule is now a moot point, because the company's customers can place an order anytime they want through an online ordering syste

Tags: Technology

January 2010, - Feature

Delivering Productivity

As parts distributors grow, so do their delivery fleets. there are technology solutions that can help make sure you're getting the most out of both trucks and drivers.

By Diana Britton, Managing Editor

Pak West Paper & Packaging, Santa Ana, Calif., used to have a major problem with the amount of overtime hours its delivery fleet drivers were racking up

Tags: Technology

January 2010, - Feature

It's Time For Telematics

Telematics has moved beyond satellite solutions. (Photo by STF)

By Steve Sturgess, Executive Editor

'Aftermarket companies will be the primary drivers of many all-new product and service opportunities for both the consumer and commercial-vehicle industries," predicted the Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association in a detailed report published late last year

Tags: Technology

January 2010, - Feature

Ordering Parts Online

Most parts distribution and warehouse operations use sophisticated management and inventory control software

Tags: Technology

January 2010, - Feature

Automate & Save

Controlling inventory is perhaps the most important aspect of a parts warehouse/distributor operation. How well inventory is managed can often mean the difference between success and failure in the heavy duty parts business

Tags: Technology

January 2010, - Feature

Improving The Technology Connection

As trucks, engines and components become ever more technologically sophisticated and complex, people who work on trucks for a living are facing increasing difficulties in getting access to some of the information they need to diagnose and repair those trucks

Tags: Technology

January 2010, - Feature

The Smart Shop: The Latest in Shop Management Software

Shop management software can be a valuable tool to bring your repair center into the 21st century. (Photo by Collective Data)

By Diana Britton, Managing Editor

When Eric Adkins, president of Nationwide Truck Service, goes on vacation to Cancun, Mexico, he'll certainly be at peace sitting on the white beaches, watching the sunset and the waves

Tags: Technology

January 2010, - Feature

Parts By Number: VMRS Codes

TMC's VMRS codes provide 'universal translator' for parts and maintenance. (Photo by Jim Park)

By Deborah Lockridge, Editor, and Jim Beach, Contributing Editor

Back in the late '60s, some people in the trucking business got together and decided to come up with a system that used numbers to describe parts and maintenance activitie

Tags: Technology

September 2008, - Editorial

ZF Intros Heavy Pickup Transmission

By Steve Sturgess, Executive Editor

ZF is all about transmissions, starting out in 1915 as the geartrain division of Zeppelin airship company

Tags: Technology, Germany

August 2008, - Editorial

Smart Wireless Power

By Steve Sturgess, Executive Editor

It's a fascinating technology with applications that are likely limited only by our imaginations.

Tags: Technology, Electrical System

August 2008, - Editorial

Confusion Over 2010

By Deborah Whistler, Editor

New technology adds another twist to emissions solutions for next EPA mandate.

Tags: Technology, EGR, EPA

June 2008, - Editorial

Deflecting Fuel Savings

By Steve Sturgess, Executive Editor

A driver's suggestion saved this small fleet $1 million on fuel in just two years..

Tags: Technology

May 2008, - Feature

Technology In The Shop Pays Off

By Jim Beach

Using maintenance software allows a fleet to track vehicle histories, work orders, technician performance, warranties, PM schedules and other maintenance-related tasks.

Tags: Technology, Managing the Shop

September 2007, - Editorial

Saving Fuel By Remote Control

By Steve Sturgess, Executive Editor

Denver-based Intermap Technologies plans to use sophisticated mapping and GPS data to save heavy truck fuel.

Tags: Technology

July 2007, - Feature

Psychic On board

By Jim Beach

Today's truck technology and computing power can predict failures before they happen.

Tags: Maintenance, Technology, business management

May 2007, - Feature

FMCSA Turns Teacher With New Webinar Series

By Oliver Patton

Everybody knows that the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration writes and enforces all the safety rules. It's the top cop when it comes to such regs. But the agency has added a new job title to its repertoire: teacher.

Tags: FMCSA, Technology, Driver Safety

April 2007, - Feature

Recruiting In The Information Age

By Deborah Lockridge

Computer software can make recruiting more effective and efficient.

Tags: Recruiting, Software, Technology



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