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Maintenance in 360⁰: Fleet Success through Integrated Analysis

October 24, 2018 |11:00 AM PT/2:00 PM ET |Duration: 1 Hr

Sponsored by
TMW Systems

How do certain routes or loads affect equipment choices or driver actions affect maintenance outcomes? What about the relationship between parts, warranty and vendors? What are they doing to your bottom line? It’s all in the data and critical to the success of your fleet. With so many sources though, understanding the total picture can be elusive. Making effective decisions for your fleet can be even more so.

Part practical case study and part technical guide, this on-demand webinar from Trimble and Transervice focuses on key aspects of data aggregation and analysis, as well as the integrations that feed them. Taking the discussion from the technical to business level, this session explores ways to understand the full, 360⁰ of maintenance and its impact on fleet operations.

Key Takeaways:

  • Outcomes of data integration and aggregation when understanding fleet maintenance, operations and their effect upon each other
  • Real-world, best practices to follow when integrating systems and data including what you should aggregate and ways to manage different software systems and sources
  • Factors to consider and look for in combined results and ways to find and manage relationships between disparate data systems



Taki Darakos

Vice President of Maintenance, Transervice

Gino Fontana

Assistant Vice President – Berkeley, Transervice

Renaldo Adler

Principal of Asset Maint., Fleets & Service Ctrs., Trimble Transportation