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How to Transform Your Safety Program into a Safety Culture

April 3, 2019 |11:00 AM PT/2:00 PM ET |Duration: 1 Hr

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With fleet accident rates perpetually stalled at 20% and the average cost of a collision at $70,000*, there’s no question, safety can’t afford to take a back seat.

Unfortunately, many fleets think the way to improve safety is to issue a safety “policy.” While nice on paper, a blanket policy does little on its own to reduce collisions and keep drivers safe.

Safety-savvy fleets have taken the next step, empowering their entire workforce to be part of a safety culture. The results are lower collision rates and maintenance costs, improved driver risk profiles, and significantly higher vehicle uptime.

As Part of Lytx’s “Safety Series,” this first session will teach you:

  • Ways to gain top-down buy-in from executives and bottom-up support from drivers.
  • How to use driver scorecards, fleet technology and other measurement tools to continually engage drivers, executives, and company stakeholders to perpetuate the safety culture.
  • How a commitment to creating a safety culture has both short- and long-term bottom line benefits by, in part, lowering costs and improving the company’s standing with the public and its customers.

Don’t wait, watch this on-demand webinar today — everyone’s safety depends on it!*

“Safety Metrics Reverse in Negative Direction as Incidents Increase.” Antich, Mike. Automotive Fleet. June 2018.



John Lobenberg

Program Consultant, Lytx

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