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How to Manage Your Tire and Fuel Expenses with Wheel-End Balancing

October 3, 2018 |11:00 AM PT/2:00 PM ET |Duration: 1 Hr

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Fleets face a difficult challenge of properly managing their two greatest expenses: tires and fuel. Although engineers are currently working to develop advanced technology to improve fuel efficiency, fleet managers need solutions that will make an impact on their bottom lines today. Technology currently exists that is proven to increase fuel efficiency, but these considerations can be expensive to implement and take years for fleets to see a return on investment. However, one cost-effective and often overlooked technology exists in the market to provide increased fuel efficiency and tire life: wheel-end balancing.

View our on-demand webinar for these key takeaways in translating properly balanced wheel-ends to increased tire life and fuel efficiency:

  • Balanced vs. unbalanced: why proper balance is recommended
  • The different methods of balancing your wheel-ends
  • The impact a properly balanced wheel-end has on tread wear and tire life
  • How improved tire wear and reduced rolling resistance affects fuel economy

Chris Pourroy, Director of National Accounts at IMI, discusses what you should understand about balancing your wheel-ends and the impact that will have on your fleet’s bottom line. Because fleet managers should understand every resource at their disposal to improve their fleet’s efficiency.



Chris Pourroy

Director of National Accounts, IMI Products