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The Bottom Line

Fuel is gold," says Jimmy Ray, fleet manager at Mesilla Valley Transportation in Las Cruces, N.M. He's out to save a lot of it with innovative components that have proven themselves in testing and everyday operations

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Who's Winning, You or Your Fuel Program?

You and your fuel program should be working together in harmony. However, with diesel fuel prices going up and down like a yo-yo, and your work schedule getting busier, not easier, it probably feels like neither you nor your fuel program is winning

Diesel Fuel Prices Are Falling, But Why?

&newsIt's hard to believe that fuel prices are falling, especially if your local gas station has not yet crested the hill at the pump. In fact, most of us have yet to see this. This is because most retail locations are taking their time lowering their prices (and your costs)

Fear and Fleet Fueling Prices

Fleet fueling prices are going up. We see it every day at the pump. We feel it in our wallets. But what exactly is driving diesel and gasoline prices higher

Outsourcing Fuel Management

&newsIt certainly seems that "outsourcing" is the buzzword these days across most industries. Fleet fuel management is no exception

Five W's for Fleet Fuel Buying

The Department of Energy released diesel fuel pricing data Monday showing diesel fuel prices rising for the 11th straight week, up 2.1 cents to $3.534. That's 77.8 cents higher than this same time last year