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Daimler’s Detroit Assurance 5.0 includes an optional lane keep assist feature that helps drivers keep from drifting out of the lane or off the road. Using a camera-based setup, the system will self-steer the truck keeping it between the lines and can make minor corrections for crosswinds and vehicle alignment.

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How Fleets Can Be Proactive With Tire Safety

This is National Tire Safety Week here in the U.S., and while the time is set aside to remind four-wheelers of the importance of tire maintenance and periodic inspections, it shouldn't hurt to remind commercial vehicle operators that truck tires don't run on wishes and prayers either.

Ford Transit Vans with Supreme Service Body Recalled

Supreme Corp. is recalling an estimated 99 2014 to 2018 service bodies that were added onto a Ford Transit van chassis because they may lack the required padded trim that protects occupants from a head impact.

Commentary: Reduce Your Cargo Theft Risk

There are many modern tricks for preventing cargo theft, such as electronic seals and sensors and all manner of tracking tools, but one of the first rules has to be dead simple: Don’t let your vehicles be left at risk.