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Going Green

Natural gas, fuel surcharges and carbon credits

In our series on natural gas last fall, we included some information on determining payback. I got a letter from a reader telling me I left out a critical consideration: fuel surcharges

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Chicago Orders Electric-Powered Heavy Trash Trucks

The City of Chicago has ordered 20 heavy-duty electric-powered trash trucks that will be the first in the nation, according to one of the companies that won the official bid

Ryder's Natural Gas Fleet Surpasses 6 million miles

Ryder System Inc. has achieved a significant milestone with its fleet of 250 natural gas vehicles by surpassing 6 million miles

Natural Gas: What Fleets Need to Know - Fleets Using Natural Gas

A growing number of fleets are testing or making large-scale deployments of natural gas powered vehicles. Here's a sampling, including a slide show of some of these fleets and others

Developing a Plan to 'Green' a Truck Fleet

SCHAUMBURG, IL - Tackling the challenge of "greening" medium-duty trucks was the focus of one of the conference sessions at the 2012 Green Fleet Conference last week, with the NTEA's Fleet Relations Director Bob Johnston presenting a plan truck fleets can follow to successfully meet their sustainability goals

What if natural gas prices go up?

The boom in natural gas production in the U.S. has created an oversupply, leading to 10-year lows in natural gas prices. At the same time, some natural gas producers have cut back because of the low prices. If demand for natural gas increases, some wonder, won't prices increase, too

Is natural gas the fuel of the future?

I've been a bit of a natural-gas skeptic ever since I first heard T. Boone Picken

What's behind TA's decision to get into the natural gas business?

A Q&A with Tom O'Brien, president and CEO, TravelCenters of America</B

'Driving the green revolution'

Exactly what is Cascade Sierra Solutions? It's not as if the name really says anything about trucks, fuel or emissions. Yet that's exactly what this nonprofit organization aims to do: help truckers, especially smaller fleets and owner-operators, save money on fuel and cut emissions of harmful particulates and greenhouse gases

Electricity Gives Trucking Industry a Power Boost

As truck owners look for ways to deal with $4 to $5 diesel, some fleets are finding that electricity is helping them plug into savings, through all-electric vehicles, plug-in hybrids, idle reduction or electric refrigeration units