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Fuel Efficiency

How One Driver Gets 10 MPG: Focusing on What He Can Control

Truck driver Clark Reed says slowing down and taking the time to let traffic situations sort themselves out on their own is one way to avoid unnecessary stops – and the fuel burn required to get a tractor-trailer up and under way again. Part of our MPG Top Guns series.

6 Simple Steps to Fuel Savings for Truck Fleets

There are more than a few ways to cut fuel costs, but there’s no one way to save that works the same for every fleet. However, there are many fuel-saving technologies and tactics that work well across many fleets.

Do Grille Guards Catch Wind?

One might wonder what impact all that heavy metal stuck out in front of the highly aerodynamic profiles honed by truck makers can have on cheating the wind.

Thoughts on Achieving 11 MPG

It's easy to get excited and stay excited about fuel economy when you can see positive change coming from your efforts. When I saw the numbers creeping up into the 10s on a recent test drive in a Peterbilt 579 EPIQ, I started pushing for 11. And it worked.