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Drugged Driving

New ATA Policy Addresses Marijuana Challenges in Trucking

More than 93 million Americans now live where marijuana is legal for recreational use – what's a safety-sensitive industry like trucking to do? The American Trucking Associations has endorsed a new set of policies to address the issues.

Is There a Better Way to Drug Test?

DOT-Required urine testing has known shortcomings but in an industry faced with difficulty finding and keeping qualified drivers, some worry that stricter drug-testing protocols will only make the situation worse. Part 4 of HDT's Trucking Under the Influence Series.

Trucking Under the Influence

Trucking Under the Influence is an investigative series by Heavy Duty Trucking examining the impact of illegal drug use by drivers amid current trends of marijuana legalization, opioid addiction, a rise in cocaine use, and changes in driver drug-testing regulations and technology.