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Wabco Building U.S. Factory to Make Air Disc Brakes
Kenworth Lists New Products, Services, Won’t Exhibit at MATS 2016

Dealer-Fleet Cooperation, Driver Shortage are Vital Issues, ATA Chairman Says

Truck dealers and fleet managers need to work together to smooth maintenance on complex trucks so the industry can continue to grow, Philip Byrd, 2014 chairman of the American Trucking Associations, told an audience at the American Truck Dealers’ annual convention in New Orleans on Sunday.

January 28, 2014

Not Your Father's Air Filter

Not Your Father's Air Filter

There was a time when fleet managers and owner-operators specified many components on their new trucks and tractors, but that's been seriously curtailed by vertical integration — the practice of manufacturers controlling the design and spec'ing process using parts they build themselves or get from a few suppliers.

April 2, 2013