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Driver Turnover Rises in Third Quarter
KLLM Rolling Out Major Driver Pay Increase
Roehl Relaunch Program Looks to Add 300 New Drivers
Barr-Nunn Transportation’s New Driver Pay Options
ATA Study: Average Driver Pay Increases

ATA Study: Average Driver Pay Increases

The American Trucking Associations’ latest version of its Driver Compensation Study reports that average driver pay, including bonuses, increased close to $6,000 since the last study in 2017.

May 22, 2020

Survey: Truck Drivers Voice Pay Concerns During COVID-19
Roehl Enhances Practical Route Mileage Pay
Stay Metrics Finds Top 5 Reasons Drivers Make Referrals
Report: Fleet Operating Costs hit Nearly $72 an Hour in 2018
Uncertain Trucking Environment Puts Hold on Driver Pay Hikes and Capacity Additions
Barr-Nunn Offers Higher Pay for Team Drivers
If Fleets Want to Retain Drivers, Earn Their Trust
Drivers Received Fewer Pay Increases the First Quarter of 2019
Hub Group Improves Pay for Regional Truck Drivers

Hub Group Improves Pay for Regional Truck Drivers

Hub Group says regional truck drivers can make $75,000 a year under its new pay package for regional drivers, which offers better compensation, benefits, and regular opportunities for increases.

May 7, 2019

Drivers Left Stranded After Falcon Transport Stops Operations