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California Won't Enforce Trailer GHG Rules for at Least Two Years
Hendrickson Unveils Next-Generation Heavy-Duty Rubber Suspension
Great Dane Rolls Out Smart Trailer System
How to Deal With FDA's Food Hauling Rules
HDT's 2018 Trailer Update

HDT's 2018 Trailer Update

There is no dearth of trailer makers in North America. Some trailer makers succeed with volume-driven pricing, others turn out specialized and customized models. Either way making trailers is about knowing what your customers want. Here is our annual update of product developments from major trailer makers.

July 6, 2018

Court Battle Erupts over Truck Trailers and GHG/MPG Rule
Wabash National to Buy Truck Body Maker Supreme
EPA Not Backing off GHG Rules for Trailers, Glider Kits