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Bosch Demonstrates Emerging Safety and Self-Driving Technology at Bosch Mobility Experience 2018
Bosch Technology Slashes NOx Emissions with Little Impact on Fuel Economy
Can Shorter Truck Lifecycles Save Fleets Money?
Spec’ing a Low-Maintenance Trailer
Better Trucks Make for Happier Drivers

Better Trucks Make for Happier Drivers

Corliss Resources struggles with an aging workforce and a scarcity of young recruits. The company's solution: Haul more product in trucks that drivers like to drive.

May 14, 2018

Avoid Headaches by Spec'ing the Right Truck

Autocar Trucks to Receive First Cummins X12 Engines

Autocar Trucks is the first North American OEM to introduce Cummins' new X12 engine to the refuse market. Autocar claims the engine will enable customers to haul more than 700 pounds additional payload while delivering almost $11,000 in fuel savings over the life of a truck.

April 17, 2018

What's Wrecking Your Tires?

What's Wrecking Your Tires?

Since tires rarely self-destruct, there is always a smoking gun, and it’s in your best interest to find it. You do that through failure analysis.

April 11, 2018

Test Drive: International's Driver-Centric LT
American Truck Historical Society Display at MATS

American Truck Historical Society Display at MATS

While the South Wing of The Kentucky Exposition Center in Louisville was missing a few OEM exhibitors, the ATHS made good use of the vacant space with a display of vintage iron that drew a lot of fans. Here's a sampling of some of the trucks on display. Photos by Jim Park  

March 28, 2018

What Drivers Need to Know About Taking Care of Truck Tires
Mack: Labor Shortages Potentially Harmful to Continued Growth
Trucker Who Saved Motorist After Crash Named Goodyear Highway Hero
Cummins Introduced as Cummins Integrated Power

Cummins Introduced as Cummins Integrated Power

Cummins is repositioning itself as Cummins Integrated Power. The new name denotes both the company’s expertise in technology integration and its reach into different alternative fuel segments, including diesel, natural gas, hybrid and battery-electric.

March 20, 2018