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Privacy Policy

Share with Facebook Share with Twitter Share with LinkedIn Share by Email is a Web site published by Bobit Business Media. Non-personal information is automatically collected through the standard operations of Bobit's Internet servers. This includes the domain name, but not the email address of individuals. It also includes the information provided through use of "cookies." Cookies are small text files that our Web servers may use to recognize repeat users. Bobit gathers this information for use in quality control and functioning of the site. The information is not kept on individuals, but on aggregate users. After it is used for internal purposes, and the statistics are quantified, the information is discarded, but the statistics are kept.

You may choose to supply Bobit with your name and email address on this site. You may also supply your company name. Users should be aware that the voluntary submission of this information constitutes permission for Bobit to contact you by these communication channels. Persons who supply Bobit with email addresses will receive email with notifications of site improvements and events. Persons who supply Bobit with phone numbers may receive telephone contact from Bobit regarding inquiries.

Bobit collects information from users in surveys to understand public opinion on major issues within the trucking industry. We share the information gathered in these surveys with advertisers, partners and users. We never share any of this information about specific individuals with any third party.

Bobit reserves the right to make available the use of email addresses and contact information voluntarily supplied to this site to third party partners. Users should be aware that the voluntary submission of email address and other information constitutes consent to be placed on these mailing lists. Select advertisers may mail promotions to registrants. All promotions are pre-approved by Bobit. All mailings are conducted by reputable third party mail houses to ensure high industry standards.

Bobit provides industry related advertising as a service to users. Personal information is not submitted via cookie or other means to advertisers. For more information, please visit Network Advertising Agency.

Users may choose to remove their names from Bobit's electronic mailing list, and may do so by emailing Bobit Business Media