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State of Heavy-Duty Repair

State of Heavy-Duty Repair

State of Heavy-Duty Repair

Those looking for insights on how the commercial repair world is doing often have to dig through countless automotive publications to find information that relates to their industry. Fullbay’s State of Heavy-Duty Repair report combines shop-level data with survey responses and contributions from industry experts to pull back the curtain on how the diesel repair industry fared in 2020.

Some of the insights you’ll find include:

  • How the commercial repair world was impacted by and responded to COVID-19
  • The challenges shop owners face when hiring technicians
  • How repair shop revenue differs by region
  • What software they’re using and how it helps

Fullbay partnered with the TMC to create an easy-to-read, informative report that will help any shop learn more about the environment they’re operating in and reach a new level of profitability.

By Fullbay