December 2016

Cover Story

The Next Generation: HDT's Emerging Leaders

Meet HDT's inaugural Emerging Leaders, a group of young professionals who are influential, innovative and successful, who can point to outstanding accomplishments and leadership qualities, and who have a passion for the trucking industry.


Analysis: The Uncertainty of a New President

Source: Bureau of Transportation Statistics

After an uncertain first half of the year, we finally got the economic news that we had been hoping for with third-quarter GDP. But no sooner were we breathing sighs of relief, everything becomes uncertain…again.


Commentary: Europe is Different

Rolf Lockwood

What are the differences between trucks and trucking in North America versus Europe? Try to drive a long-nose conventional on roads that were conceived in the year 1403.


Yes, URS Will Affect You

Starting Jan. 14, 2017, all carriers will start using the new MCSA-1 online-only form. The...

The Unified Registration System really does affect all motor carriers — for-hire, private, or exempt. In fact, the URS has already affected you and you probably didn’t even realize it.


21st Century Truck Wheels

With strict emissions and fuel-economy requirements of new GHG Phase 2 regulations just around...

In practice, wheels function quite well with only limited attention and maintenance. But that’s no excuse not to pay attention to them at regular intervals.