June 2008

Cover Story

Fuel Crisis Survival

Diesel price hikes take trucking into uncharted territory. Industry pushes for help on Capitol Hill.


Stayin' Alive

Small fleets and owner-operators are hardest hit by the fuel squeeze. Here's how the strong survive.


Driving To Survive

With diesel cost-per-mile now well over 60 cents, anything you can do to save fuel offers significant savings.


Clean Power

Pull in, plug in, pay up, and enjoy. It's that simple, it's that cheap, and it's for real.


Spec Economy

Spec a truck right, and you'll get top fuel economy. Do it wrong, and you could be doomed.


Hybrid Trucks

Manufacturers make progress on hydraulic systems while electric-drive trucks gain orders.


Trailer Economy

Five long days of testing showed trailer aerodynamics and wide-base single tires are best bets to save fuel.