February 2008

Cover Story

Risky Business: The Pitfalls of Not Managing the Dangers in the Shop

OSHA Fines, Worker's Comp Claims, Lost Productivity, Lawsuits, Higher Insurance Costs, Equipment Downtime. The Pitfalls of Not Managing the Dangers in the Shop


Ford Redesigns Its popular F-150 For ' 09

Ford's F-150, America's perennial best-selling vehicle and part of a truck line that has claimed sales leadership for 31 years, may well keep that distinction, thanks to an extensive redesign for the 2009 model year.


Getting 'Em Back On The Road - Fast

Used to be, when a driver's rig stopped dead in its tracks, that driver was in for some serious downtime. He had to put out the cones, lock up the cab, then walk or hitch a ride to the nearest pay phone. Once there, he'd fumble through a heavy phone book looking for a roadside service that he knew absolutely nothing about. Hanging up the phone, he'd hike back to his tractor and wait for help to arrive.


THUD: Still Pretty Porky

Citizens Against Government Waste www.ccagw.org provides insights into the pork system, and a platform to participate in the movement to change it.