November 2007

Cover Story

Killer Trucks No More

How the industry is working to better its public image.


The Monster That's Eating Your Rigs

Frame rails, crossmembers, suspension components, air tanks, fuel tanks, battery boxes, brackets, brake shoes, electrical systems, air-conditioning condensers, radiators, metal coolant tubing, steel wheels, inside the floor of the cab - even refrigeration units aren't safe from the corrosion monster.


Isuzu N-Series

New truck gets larger, more spacious cab with increased side-to-side and front-to-back room.


Peterbilt's 386 Hybrid

Ignore the "viper green" paint and the "hybrid" labels, and this Model 386 looks like a lot of road tractors out there.


Mack's New Large Car

The Pinnacle Axle Forward lacks a really long hood, but this madeover CH has traditional looks and terrific driveability, thanks partly to a new, bigger engine.


Tax Credit: A Win-Win

A measure in Congress proposing to give truck and bus owners tax credits for putting advanced safety devices on their equipment.