Fleets are continually on the lookout for ways to maximize efficiency, cost, and the ever-important uptime, Eaton® comes through with yet another industry-leading innovation. Meet IntelliConnect™. A suite of connected solutions designed to improve a fleet’s uptime and efficiency and reduce the total cost of ownership. The initial module in the suite, IntelliConnect Remote Diagnostics, provides near real-time monitoring of vehicle fault codes helping fleets increase vehicle uptime by reducing unplanned downtime through faster repair diagnosis. Designed for Eaton automated and automatic transmissions, IntelliConnect Remote Diagnostics provides users with customized delivery of information through email alerts, the Navistar OnCommand Connection portal, an existing telematics portal, or through Eaton’s web site www.EatonIntelliConnect.com.

A portal built for you
• Live data using your telematics system
• Fault severity and fault code action plans
• Service Activity Reports
• Alerts: customized information delivery
• Customized vehicle watch list

By Eaton Vehicle Group