Since the ELD Rule went into effect in December 2017, fleets have had to make numerous adjustments to the way they monitor, track, and report their drivers’ hours of service (HOS).

Complicating this adjustment has been the ongoing challenge of finding reliable, compliant, and tough hardware that meets the technical specifications of the ELD Rule. 

To meet this challenge, fleets are turning to providers, such as Panasonic, that have a proven track record to meet the demands of fleets and the ELD Rule, and offer a ruggedized product that will hold up in the most demanding conditions while accurately recording a driver’s HOS per the ELD Rule. 

By downloading “Why Rugged Tablets Are Key to ELD Compliance and Productivity” you will learn:

•    What it takes to meet the technical specifications of the ELD Rule
•    How to choose a reliable ELD hardware provider
•    Why ruggedized devices make financial sense
•    Why it matters having a rugged device
•    Why fleets with AOBRDs need to start ELD transition process now

By Panasonic