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Passing Zone

The positive and negative factors impacting trucking – from the latest out of Washington, D.C., to the business and societal pressures truck-fleet managers must address to ensure their operations keep on driving ahead.

Gauging Driver Pay by Salary Gains

Photo: Haldex

While long-haul drivers are seldom if ever salaried employees, knowing what the U.S. average percentage rate of increase is for employees who are paid salaries may help fleet managers gauge the pay expectations of drivers. Blog Commentary by David Cullen, Executive Editor.

2018: Year of the Roads?

Road work ahead! Photo: Deborah Lockridge

If 2017 was for trucking the year of the fearsome electronic log rule, then 2018 may well end up being the year of the awesome infrastructure bill...

At ATA, Thoughts on Policy-Making and Politicking

Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-OR) speaking to ATA committee in Orlando. Photo: David Cullen

You could certainly be forgiven if you were attending the American Trucking Associations’ annual confab here in Orlando this week and thought you’d made a wrong turn and stumbled into one of those partisan party retreats that Capitol Hill denizens hold somewhere outside the Beltway every now and then. Blog Commentary by David Cullen, Executive Editor

In the Land Where Zero Wins

“Choose Your Ride” is literally a publicity vehicle. Wittily marked up by WisDOT as half State...

David Cullen takes you to The Badger State, where the state DOT is determined to change the human culture around highway safety for the better, in his Passing Zone blog.

Speed Kills — But You Can Help Stop It

“You can’t tackle our rising epidemic of roadway deaths without tackling speeding,” said...

A report by the National Transportation Safety Board points an unwavering finger at the deadly toll that speeding by motorists keeps taking on our highways. Executive Editor David Cullen looks at the report in his Passing Zone blog.

'Welcome to Washington...'

President Trump's 2018 Budget Photo: White House Office of Management and Budget

Are we on a highway to nowhere? In his Passing Zone blog, Executive Editor David Cullen delves into what President Trump's budget proposal has to say about fixing and building America's roads and bridges.

Knight-Swift: A Merger of Mindsets

Knight-Swift: A Merger of Mindsets

Executive Editor David Cullen says if any two companies were made for each other, Knight Transportation and Swift Transportation were. After plowing through the transcript of the conference call held for analysts to disclose the impending birth of a new trucking behemoth — Knight-Swift Transportation Holdings Inc. — he explains why in his Passing Zone blog.

EPA Aims to Toss Away SmartWay

EPA Aims to Toss Away SmartWay

In his Passing Zone blog, HDT's David Cullen weighs in on an Environmental Protection Agency proposal to eliminate the agency's voluntary fuel-saving SmartWay program as part of budget cuts under the Trump administration.

For the Love of Robots

Poster for the production of R.U.R.(Rossum’s Universal Robots) by the Marionette Theatre, New...

In his Passing Zone blog, HDT's David Cullen ponders whether self-driving trucks will just take away a job that very few people want anymore.

Got Questions

Got Questions? Modern Telematics Best Practices

Scott Sutarik is the VP of Commercial Vehicle Solutions at Geotab Inc. He has...

VP, Commercial Vehicle Solutions

Scott Sutarik from Geotab

VP, Commercial Vehicle Solutions