TODCO, a company that manufactures and services overhead doors, swing doors and walk ramps for the trucking industry, is celebrating its 50 anniversary. And to commemorate the event, the Marion, Ohio-based company
launched a 6-month search for the oldest working TODCO door. The contest included a $500 reward for the person who could identify the oldest active door, and was advertised through the company's web site.
The response was "tremendous - way beyond our expectations," said TODCO Vice President of Sales & Marketing Scott Blackford. "We received serial numbers from dozens of people from around the country."
Door #M-67-4389 was identified by Antone Sepenoski of Southold, N.Y. Sepenoski is a welder for North Fork Welding on Long Island. Door #M-67-4389, produced by TODCO in 1967 and located now at North Fork Welding, is definitely still working. But it's not going anywhere.
The truck body, including the TODCO door intact, was removed from its truck many years ago and serves as a storage facility today. According to Sepenoski, "The truck that carried the door may have been wrecked 20 or 30 years ago. Since then, the truck body, with the original door, has been used as a storage shed. It's used to store electrical panels and wires."
Sepenoski added, "The door works fine. In fact, it works better than the doors on some of the other sheds we have that aren't nearly as old."
"Even though it's 40 years old, the TODCO door is solid," Sepenoski said. "The latch still works nice."
The history of TODCO starts in June of 1957, with the founding of The Overhead Door Co. (then called OHEDCO). The name was changed to TODCO in 1962.
As well as pioneering the overhead door for the transportation industry, TODCO was the first to introduce breakthroughs such as the insulated fiberglass door (PolarGuard in 1981), the first UV-cured coating system (ToughShell in 2000), and the polycomposite overhead door (WeatherTite in 2003).

Today, TODCO manufactures and services overhead doors, swing doors and walk ramps for the trucking industry. The company maintains manufacturing plants in Marion and Upper Sandusky, Ohio and Fresno, Calif.
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