The Commercial Vehicle Solutions Network (CVSN) says its board of directors has agreed to discuss the development of a new meeting model with organizers of Heavy Duty Aftermarket Week.

Ken Duval, president of Canadian Wheel Industries, Edmonton, Alberta, and incoming CVSN president in September, is chairman of the CVSN negotiating team that will meet with HDAW organizers. The team also includes Wayne Keller, Keller Truck Parts; Tom Stewart, Carolina Rim and Wheel; and Marc Karon, Total Truck Parts.
"Our association continues to evolve in the best interests of our members," said Duval. "We provide many benefits to our members throughout the entire year, but the focal point for both manufacturers and distributors is our meetings. Incorporating some aspects of both CVSN and HDAW meetings may be the best solution for the industry and we are willing to explore that opportunity for the benefit of our members and the industry as a whole."
"All 165 HDMA member companies and others in the HDAW Joint Operating Committee are thrilled to see that CVSN is considering becoming a major part of the HDAW 2008 conference," said Tim Kraus, president and chief operating officer of the Heavy Duty Manufacturers Association, a division of the Motor & Equipment Manufacturers Association. HDMA and the Heavy Duty Distribution Association are HDAW organizers. The Joint Operating Committee includes representatives from 11 heavy-duty aftermarket organizations.
"The main goal of HDAW from the beginning of planning in 2003 was to have a unified HD aftermarket business conference, with all of the major industry players participating," Kraus continued. "CVSN is certainly a major player and if they decide to join, the CVSN would be a welcome addition to HD Aftermarket Week. CVSN's commitment to excellence in the market would bring many needed resources to the training and education program. Their leadership would provide the needed boost to take HDAW to the next level. Their inclusion would also bring the entire industry together for this great conference."
CVSN was formed in 2006 when the Council of Fleet Specialists merged with the National Wheel and Rim Association. The organization has close to 90 members and more than 500 warehouse locations across North America.