Chevron's Lubricants University has introduced a free course called "New API CJ-4 Lubricants for 2007 Low Emission Diesel Engines." This course discusses the 2007 emission restriction for nitrogen oxides (NOx)
and particulate - both components of air pollution and how aftertreatment emission control systems are designed to meet or exceed the federally mandated restrictions.
The course also examines the CJ-4 category testing and the benefits over CI-4 PLUS oils stems.
In February of last year, the American Petroleum Institute (API) engine oil committee designated the new API CJ-4 engine oil performance category to meet the requirements for 2007 on-highway diesel engines and their exhaust after-treatment systems. This free training course is a result of that action, and it presents an opportunity to stay up to date on CJ-4.
In order to access the course, customers will need to be a registered user of Lubricant's University, Registration is free.