Shell Lubricants has announced that Shell Rotella T with Triple Protection technology heavy-duty motor oil meets new Caterpillar specifications, ECF-1-a, ECF-2 for pre-2007 on- and off-highway diesel engines.

As previously announced, Shell Rotella T with Triple Protection also meets Caterpillar specification ECF-3 for the latest 2007 compliant engines fitted with diesel particulate filters that use diesel fuel with less than 15 parts per million sulfur.
“Shell Rotella T with Triple Protection may be used by operators of 2007 and pre-2007 Caterpillar on- and off-highway vehicles, equipment and machinery that require ECF-1-a, ECF-2 or ECF-3 motor oils,” said Dan Arcy, technical marketing manager for Shell Lubricants. “It is now possible to stock a single motor oil for one of the world’s largest manufacturers of heavy duty off-highway equipment and leading supplier of on-highway truck engines.”
Shell Rotella T provides enhanced engine protection, cleanliness and compatibility with exhaust after-treatment devices such as diesel particulate filters (DPF). The advanced formulation meets the latest API CJ-4 specifications for heavy-duty diesel engine oils and the latest engine builder specifications. It provides on average 50 percent greater wear protection (ranging from 27 percent to 88 percent reduced wear) than the previous formulation as demonstrated in industry standard tests and is supported by over 10.5 million miles of on-highway service using current generation engines in which significantly lower iron wear was observed.
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